How it works

Can you say hassle-free?

Our products are like-new home furnishings hand-selected for quality, condition and price advantages. Our sister company, Boyds AZ Estate Sales, operates a multi-faceted estate sale company that liquidates home furnishings for their clients. As a result, we have access to the very best like-new home furnishings, at estate sale prices.

RP Furniture Solutions offers these amazing home furnishings deals to you — And, we pay the shipping, Import taxes, delivery and installation — All included in our low price!

You get a hassle-free vacation home furnished for pennies on the dollar!


We are uniquely priced

The result is a significant cost savings to you — our Rocky Point customer!  We sell every item for the same low price that we would offer it to our local customers.  Then we add in the AZ sales taxes (8.3%), the Mexican Import taxes (19%), the cost of transportation, delivery to your home, and installation into your home.

We have discounts on transportation because of our volume, saving you money compared to the cost of shipping items yourself with a transporter.  You can’t save money on the taxes, they are what they are!  And we have a local individual in Rocky Point who coordinates with you or your HOA for the delivery and final installation.  All of this service is included in our prices, so there are no hidden fees or costs.

With delivery and installation, you won’t be wasting your precious vacation time unpacking, arranging and installing everything — you can go straight to the beach and relax!

Here is an example of our pricing so you can see how it works:


Furnishings $27,313.00
Border Taxes @ 20% $5,462.60
AZ Sales Taxes @ 8.5% $2,321.61
Transportation $3,200.00
Delivery $995.00


Our 2Bd/2Ba Option

Work with us and SAVE!

** Installation is Always Free with Rocky Point Furniture Solutions! **
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