About Us

Just two people who couldn't stay retired!

Melody and Tom are husband and wife of 38+ years — we love what we do, and we do what we love.  

Melody left the corporate world in 2001 to pursue her passion for "anything refurbished”.  She has always loved old, vintage, mid-century and revitalized or repurposed things from someone else’s life.  She established The Cozy Home, a retail store featuring antique and repurposed home furnishings and decor.  She developed The Cozy Home into an interior design company that incorporate the old and the new into unique and creative interiors for homes throughout the Salt Lake City/Park City, UT area.  This included a specialty in custom window treatments, leading to the development and Utility Patent of a multi-functional window treatment system.  Melody and Tom decided to return to Arizona in 2013 to pursue the ideal weather and desert community that they love.

Tom retired in 2018 and joined Melody in Boyds AZ Estate Sales.  With the incredible number of retirement and vacation homes in the Phoenix metro area, they found a huge market for estate sales.  As a result of demand, they have continued to grow and expand the business to accommodate their Clients selling personal property in extremely unique ways.  While they hold hundreds of traditional Estate Sales each year, they have expanded into a unique business model that answers the needs of even more Clients and Customers.

First, they started hosting estate sales in their own facility for those homeowners/clients who have HOA restrictions that prevent in-home, traditional estate sales.  This is a large number of communities in Arizona — far more than typical large metro markets, and no other estate sale company was meeting the needs of these clients.   They pack and move everything from the private home, set up for a traditional estate sale at their facility and host the sale for the client.

Arizona is a unique market with a strong Southwest flair.  Items that don’t fit that design style can be challenging to sell in the local market.  So, Melody and Tom realized that some items were better represented on a national and/or global selling stage.  So they developed online stores and auctions sites, as well as a multi-tiered, targeted social media marketing strategy to be able to sell these items for the best prices.

Since their move to Arizona, they've purchased properties in Puerto Penasco, MX, and had to furnish these units for both rentals and their own enjoyment.  They struggled with the process — shopping in Rocky Point is very limited and expensive, but shopping in the US had it’s own problems.  First, how to get the furnishings down to their condos; transportation and the border customs agents can be very intimidating and difficult to handle without experience.  Then, where to find help to unload the furnishings from the transport into their unit; then spending time to unpack and install everything?  It was a nightmare.

Hence, RP Furniture Solutions was created to take advantage of the inventory available through Boyds AZ Estate Sales.  Prices at Estate Sales are really great, and they solved the problem of transporting everything into Mexico, paying the taxes and dealing with customs border agents, and even installing and/or unpacking everything so the homeowner doesn’t have to waste valuable vacation time doing all of that!

So the difficult became easy; way less expensive; and way more convenient!

Now THAT is simple — RP Furniture Solutions.